About Us


Alban gate trading PLC operate with a mission by focusing on satisfying its customers. Our company believes our customers are our assets where our professional staff strives to realize this mission. Hence, in particular our company aspires:

  • To meet customers’ demand swiftly and ethically
  • To provide goods and services timely and without any delay
  • To coordinate with customers in the Laboratory and pharmaceuticals industry to supply equipment with latest technology, to fill the gap of supply and demand
  • To work closely with stakeholders in the industry and find ways and play a role in improving the overall efficiency of the needs & wants system
  • To satisfy our customers with the delivery of our up-to date products and introduce modern technology and know-how.


Our vision is to become a renowned and respected supplier of Laboratory equipment & Supplies, Educational Equipment & supplies, Scientific Equipment & supplies, Agricultural equipment & supplies, Chemicals & Reagents. Moreover, wholesales of pharmaceuticals & medical equipment by transforming from import to manufacturing and contribute a big role in the growth of lab & med industry. Hence, in the long run it is our company`s vision to enter into the manufacturing sector of pharmaceuticals and medical equipments to make all the needed products available in the country.


The values of our company rest in our vision and overall mission which brings its customers at the center of our service. Thus, in order to deliver our products with a maximum satisfaction to our customers, our professional staff and the management team of Alban gate trading plc believes in;

  • Respecting customers
  • Providing quality products and services
  • Efficiency
  • Being Ethical
  • Honesty
  • Civility